Metabolic state of ketosis

According to the authors of this research, in contrast to training with diets that provide high carbohydrate availability, adaptation to a high-fat Revolyn Keto Burn Review affects performance in elite endurance athletes.

Although keto diets are not explicitly discouraged and are even recommended by specialists in certain cases, we must not forget that if we want to start a diet, it is best to put ourselves in the hands of a nutritionist and should not pay attention to fashions, even if they come from Silicon Valley

To get the body into the metabolic state of ketosis and keep it that way while producing ketones for a constant energy supply, it is necessary that at least 75% of the daily calories come from high-fat Revolyn Keto Burn Review. By not having carbohydrates or glucose, the body depends on the fat it gets from your diet, as well as body fat, which translates into rapid and stable weight loss.

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